You can come to our dances on your own  -
as one of our hosts will introduce you at our new friends table.
Our events are open to all over the age of 35 - singles, couples, groups and organisations.
Our PRIVACY POLICY is simple.  We will NEVER disclose any of the details which you submit to us to a Third Party.  This website is produced by using the services of HOMESTEAD, a website hosting company and their Privacy policy can be seen HERE.
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NETWORK OVER 35 is our name.  We have evolved over the years after putting on dances for mainly singles groups.  We are no longer a singles club or organisation. Our events are open to all - and one of the main features of our new branding is to be able to offer groups and organisations reserved tables at our dances.  However, if you do come on your own then, if you wish, one of our hosts will show you to our "new friends table" - so you will never feel left out.

Please be aware that there will be photography and filming at our events.
To view a wonderful collection of archive photos of Valentino's/Paris in the 1970's and 1980's - please click here.
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Please contact David (Glasgow)            on 07795 275290.
         RENFREW. PA4 0RA.

Come and join us at our regular dances at the David Lloyd.
07510 097080
        Friday 31st March.
  The February Dance Party night.                   

Doors open 8.00pm: Four Hours Dance/Party
8.30pm-12.30am. Tickets £8

March through to November 2017 we are back to our "one dance a month" party nights on the LAST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH at the "Lloyd." 

To view the photos from our Christmas 2016 dances - please click here.
Our resident Photographer, Ian McNab, has taken so many photographs at our events over the past few years.  Webmaster Ken Windsor has selected his top 100 - please click here.
We are happy to talk to you about combining special events such as birthday celebrations etc. within our Dance Party Nights.  Just contact David Walters on 07795 275290 to discuss your ideas.
Our History.
David Walters had been running dances for “singles” events in the Glasgow area for many years and he often used to meet up with former patrons of the Paisley night clubs Valentino’s and Paris which were so popular in the 1970’s. 

David used to be the manager at these clubs and he decided that it would be a great idea to organise a “Reunion event” at the David Lloyd centre in Renfrew.

This event, held on 5th September 2014, was a great success and it became obvious that here was a crowd who still wanted to enjoy a good night out, with the opportunity to dance the night away, but who did not fit into the criteria of the “singles scene.”

So – “Network Over 35” was born, a vehicle which enabled him to organise dances for people in all social situations.  His dances are still of course patronised by single people – but they are now joined by couples and groups from all over an area which sees patrons travelling from a wide area stretching from Edinburgh to Ayrshire.

The inclusion of groups within the “mix” also allows him to hold what he calls “A party within a party” where groups can celebrate a special occasion whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the normal dance night.

To view a great web page about the history of Valentino's/Paris in Paisley - please click here.
Ken Windsor.
Online Content Provider.
International Photographer.
Our friendly team are always on hand to assist you during the night.

Whatever your dance style, our dance floor is HUGE - so you can boogie your night away and enjoy some great company with music to suit all tastes.